Date and place of birth: November 11, 1973, Lviv region

Player carrier: 1992-1993-FC Skala, Stryi, 1993-1997, 2001 – FC Karpaty, Lviv, 2004-2006- FC Hazovyk-Skala, Stryi.

Coach carrier:  Since 2016 – coach of Skala-U19, Stryi,

 Since 2017 –  head coach of FC Skala (Stryi). 

Oleksandr Voitiuk


Date and place of birth: 05.01.1965, Lutsk

Education: 1982-1990 – Lutsk Lesia Ukrainka State Institute, Physical Culture Faculty

Player carrier: 1982-1983 – FC Torpedo, Lutsk (USSR B League) 1983-1991- SKA Karpaty, Lviv (USSR A League) 1991-1993-FC Bukovyna, Chernivtsi (USSR A League, The Premier League of Ukraine), 1993 – FC Torpedo, Zaporizhzhia (the Premier League of Ukraine), 1994- FC Veres, Rivne (The Premier League of Ukraine) 1994-1995-FC Hazovyk, Komarno (Ukraine B League) 1995-1997-FC Luch, Vladyvostok (Russia A League)


Coach carrier: 1998-2006-FC Dynamo, Lviv, Coach of the Youth System  2011 – Football Academy Skala, Morshyn, Coach of U-17


Viacheslav Levytskyi


Date and place of birth: August 3, 1987, Krasyliv, Khmelnytsk region

Education: 2002-2004-Lviv College of Physical Training. 2012 – graduated from Lviv University of Physical Culture with the bachelor’s degree in sport and physical training.

Player carrier: 2005 – FC Veres, Rivne, 2006-2008- FC Enerhetyk, Burshtyn, 2008-2009 – FC Podillia, Khmelnytskyi, 2009-2011 – FC Skala, Stryi 

Coach carrier: Since 2011 – the goalkeepers coach of Skala Football Academy, the coach of branches of Skala Football Academy.


Since 2013 – the goalkeeprs coach of FC Skala.


Mikhailo Protsiv


Date and place of birth: September 14, 1984, Kurovychi, Lviv region

Education:  2008 – graduated from Kyiv Medical University of UAFM. 2010 – graduated from Lviv Medical Institute with a degree in Orthopaedics and Traumatology (subdepartment of postgraduate education)

Player carrier: 2000-2005-FC Naftovyk, Kurovychi, 2006-2009- FC Zghoda, Kurovychi.

Carrier: During the education he worked at Nova Liniia (New line) closed joint-stock company and Krasa,Zdorovia (Beauty, Health) drug-stores chain .

Since 2010 –  doctor of FC Skala